עפרה וולף

From Adv. Adi Sagi:

I arrived at your studio after two years of agony and unimaginable pain, with strong spasms in the leg muscles and electric currents running from the hips to the ankles that went on night and day and gave me no rest.
From the day a bulge in my lumbar discs was diagnosed, I was referred from one chiropractor to another, and all kinds of miracle workers. Each time I started off with renewed hope, exhausted and in pain and expecting miracles. But none of them could help me.
As a last resort, I went to see Prof. Yizhar Flomen at Assuta Hospital, a consultant in back surgery who recommended an operation. When I asked whether there was no alternative, he suggested I go to see you. "I know you're too busy and won't find the time or the will to exercise," he said. "But if you persevere, Ofra can help you". I was pretty skeptical when I first came to your studio in Tel Aviv but you made me feel hopeful right from our first encounter.
Firmly and unhesitatingly, you assured me that within a couple of months of exercising I would feel much better until the pain disappears altogether.
At this point, desperate for just one night without pain, I was ready to grab at any straw, at any hope. I put my trust in you at this point.
Today, precisely one year after I first lay down on the mattress in your studio to carefully follow your instructions, it would be no exaggeration to say that I have become a new man.
With untiring dedication and firm determination to help me, you taught me how to move correctly in every-day life, how to walk, to sit, to lie down to sleep and how to get out of bed.
You also showed me how to function when there is pain and above all, you strengthened my degenerated muscles and caused the pain to disappear.
After just one month I felt much better and since then there has been a steady improvement in my I think of you as 'my angel' because you brought the color back to my cheeks and sleep back to my nights and restored the kind of life I used to lead.
Today, even though I feel like a new man, I continue to exercise under your guidance, realizing that there is no alternative to your dedicated care.
Thank you for the tremendous help you've given me.

From Tirza Flor:

Ofra's classes are the only kind of exercise that has truly given me confidence.
After only a few lessons I felt my back becoming more stable and the weakness and pain reduced. I came to Ofra with the symptoms suffered by so many other "computer workers", the kind that spend long hours every day glued to a screen - computer or television (and who don't walk to work or even climb the stairs to the third floor).
Mine was a way of life that I couldn't or perhaps didn't wish to change. What I did want to change, desperately, was my dread days when I woke up with a stiff neck or badly stooped back that simply refused to straighten out: days when I was confined to bed and on painkillers. But after attending exercise classes with Ofra, those days – and the dread of them – became a thing of the past. Admittedly at first, I could not see how such gentle un-pressured exercise, where you don't even perspire, could possibly be of help. But within a short time I discovered just how effective it is. The quality of my life has improved immeasurably.

From Itzik:

I am a man of few words and will say only this: when I began to participate in your classes, my body was inflexible and stiff and today it is flexible and alive, all thanks to an excellent and highly professional teacher.
We arrive at class exhausted after the day's work and end it refreshed and full of vigor, and no two of your lessons are identical. These classes are among the best things that have happened to me in recent years and for that, please accept my deep gratitude.

From Kobi:

For years I have been enjoying the exercise classes and I try never to skip a lesson.
The results speak for themselves. Apparently the combination of exercises, starting with easy and leading up to difficult ones all within a carefully programmed progressive sequence, has solved my troublesome back problems. The general feeling after class is one of lightness and flexibility – sensations that at my age are certainly not to be belittled or taken for granted.
Carry on with your wonderful work – I think we have many good years of work ahead of us.
Thank you.

From Yona Nadir:

I have been coming to your classes for 13 years. When I first began, I was feeling pretty low both physically and mentally. But once I started the classes, I quickly understood that none ofthe physical activities I had engaged in previously had done me much good.
At first it was difficult. I felt that my body was too stiff, too unresponsive. I watched the others and was astonished at their flexibility and lightness. That made me feel truly frustrated but you kept saying 'Don't give up. Don't despair' and after years of effort, I too attained success. When I come to the studio tired or tense, by the end of class my general feeling has improved, with vitality surging through my whole body and feeling ten years younger.
I owe you a great deal for not allowing me to give up; I understood in the past and I understand today how much I need physical exercise under your guidance and how important it is to persevere and come to every class.
Carry on Ofra - Your loyal pupil,
Yona Nadir.

From Yoram:

Exercising in Ofra's class has restored the flexibility and range of movement that I gradually lost over many years of working long hours at a desk.
Today my spinal column has become flexible, my abdominals and leg muscles have strengthened and my posture has improved immeasurably.
Today, after two years of Ofra's classes, I can do movements that were beyond my reach for many years.
In each of her creative exercise classes, Ofra restores vitality to my body.
Wishing you success.